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Watson Construction Borrow Pit

Watson Construction Borrow Pit
12890 NE State Road 24
Archer, FL
Levy County
Phone: 352/472-3414
Facility Contact: Tom Coraggio
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GPS: 41.978583, -97.322327
Facility Type:

  • Yard Waste Collection Facility

Wood is a concentrated form of stored sunlight (solar energy). This energy can be released and used as a fuel. Wood has always been an important source of energy for people. Even today, wood is the most important source of renewable energy in the United States and a primary source of fuel for much of the world. Whether it is as simple as a campfire, or as sophisticated as producing ethanol, wood has a number of inherent advantages that ensure it will continue to be an important biofuel in the future.

The University of Tennessee (UT) Office of Bioenergy Programs, with funding provided by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities Inc. has produced a report on the state-of-the-science of woody biomass to energy conversion processes in North America, including a literature review and a database of industrial facilities utilizing wood as a fuel source. This project was completed with the assistance of additional valuable partners, including the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory and Southern Research Station, as well as the five regional centers of the national Sun Grant Initiative.

This project accomplishes three primary objectives related to the state of the science in wood to energy research and industry. The literature review provides a complete overview of the state of wood to energy science and technology, including promising technologies currently commercialized or under development. This review characterizes technologies based on process design, stage of development or commercialization, and suitability for the marketplace. The review also includes case studies of promising technologies. The review also provides a detailed analysis of market sustainability, including opportunities and barriers, of wood to energy production. This analysis looks at both supply and demand implications of the growing market.

The development of a database of industrial facilities using wood for energy in the US and Canada is an important tool for the further development and expansion of wood to energy markets. These industries will major forest product industries that produce residues, users of residues for energy (boilers, ethanol, etc), and general industries that utilize wood for energy. These include existing or planned facilities. The development of this knowledge base enables stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to understand the current demand of wood for use as an energy source. This information allows them to conduct analyses for a variety of purposes, including new market development.

We hope you find this tool useful. The report and database is accessible from the navigation bar on the left-hand side of this page. Please also provide feedback on your experience on this site by contacting the webmaster.


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